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High precision abrassive cutting…

is a cutting method that can be used for all material grades. The quality of the cut is superior to other cutting technolgies in precision, rectangularity and it is nearly burr-free. The result of the top quality machined surface is an optimized further processing of the parts especially if they have to be welded or soldered. Often there is no need to deburr the parts after the cutting.
We cut with high precision and nearly burr-free on especially developed cutting units any geometry of tubes also shaped and manipulated parts without deforming the parts.

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Rohre-Ketterer gains assignment for high precision abrassive cutting of crashtubes.

The working of high-tensile steel tubes is a challenge aswell as cutting them to installation length. As a specialist in high precision abrassive cutting we developed a particular cutting unit in collaboration with our customer. It allows both-sided bevel cuts in one clamping. The parts can be assembled directly wothout deburring. During the RFP process the high precision abrassive cutting proved his advantages towards laser machining aswell in economical as in quality aspects. Therefore about 600.000 crashtubes per year will be cutted at Rohre-Ketterer for the next six years.

Established in 1975 we concentrate exclusively on trading and machining of tubes. Focussing on thin walled and capillary tubes we developed a unique knowledge which is adopted and steadily upgraded for the needs and benefits of our customers.
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