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Focused on the requirements of our customers control and continually improvement of product quality is one of our main guidelines.
Our investment policies and internal procedures guarantee our customers a high level of quality throughout the production process.
Quality starts with a detailed verification followed by a feasibility study of your requirements. Production starts not until all specifications will be met and all deviations will be agreed by our customer.
To select the most appropriating suppliers, auditing them regularly continues our quality policy.
Checking of the material certificate, product specific quality control plans, recording and storage of inspection results as well as sampling inspection according to VDA and PPAP is taking for granted.
In case you are not satisfied with our service your complaint is welcome. Realising this valuable information will enable us to take action for continually development.
The quality management systems implemented throughout Rohre Ketterer are fully compliant with the provisions of DIN ISO 9001.

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A team of excellent, highly qualified and well-experienced associates enables us to offer solutions according to all customers requirements.
Many of our employees have been skilled by our company.
These excellent skills exceed easily the knowledge which is required.
By acting on their own responsibility marked by entrepreneurship, innovation and continual upgrading of skills and technology our associates offer best quality with a high range of flexibility at the same time.
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Know How

All times we exclusively focused on tube cutting and machining.
This knowledge enables us to meet your requirements as well as to advise our customers with regard to optimally concerted materials and alternative machining.
Our associates obtain extensive training regularly.
Instruction and audits ensure that our know-how is subject to continually improvement
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Reflected and responsible interacting with the environment is manifested business policy of our company. With our integrated management system we ensure the environmental safety and sustainability of or products and processes as well as the mode of behavior of our employees.
Our focal point is on implementing a preventative and proactive environmental management, not in only fulfilling legal restraints and prescribed limit values.
Therefore all environmentally relevant impacts and pollution caused by the organization as well as by the production processes are identified, measured and controlled. We are acting after the basic principle; prevention if possible, substitution if not, minimization at least.
The following examples show that we are not only postulating this kind of approach, but living it:

• We are using solely 100% Co2 –free, green electricity since 2010
• We are using load-dependent air compressors to prevent unnecessary power consumption
• We focus on recyclable reusable packaging from natural resources
• We are working with regional suppliers and forwarders whenever possible to avoid or minimize traffic volume and energy consumption
• We are supporting the use of local public transport through our employees with subventions

Our environmental management system was audited and certified according to ISO 14001 in summer 2012 by TÜV Rheinland CERT GmbH.

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Rohre-Ketterer gains assignment for high precision abrassive cutting of crashtubes.

The working of high-tensile steel tubes is a challenge aswell as cutting them to installation length. As a specialist in high precision abrassive cutting we developed a particular cutting unit in collaboration with our customer. It allows both-sided bevel cuts in one clamping. The parts can be assembled directly wothout deburring. During the RFP process the high precision abrassive cutting proved his advantages towards laser machining aswell in economical as in quality aspects. Therefore about 600.000 crashtubes per year will be cutted at Rohre-Ketterer for the next six years.

Established in 1975 we concentrate exclusively on trading and machining of tubes. Focussing on thin walled and capillary tubes we developed a unique knowledge which is adopted and steadily upgraded for the needs and benefits of our customers.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Your Rohre-Ketterer Team
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